Starcon relies on our regional distributors and retailers throughout China to bring our products to Chinese consumers. Our success is dependent on the success of our sales channel partners, and we are committed to supporting this success.

Quality: Starcon believes that there is always demand for the highest quality imported health products. We therefore offer an unparalleled selection of superlative and distinctive healthy products and brands that have been recognized as the ˇ°bestˇ±, the ˇ°firstˇ± or the ˇ°onlyˇ± by consumers and third party evaluators alike.

Profitability: In addition to providing the best products, we provide product training and marketing tools to help our sales channel partners and consumers alike understand and appreciate the products. This, combined with fair margins that reward our partners role and efforts in the marketplace help to build a strong business opportunity around the marketing of the quality products,

Sustainability: We seek partners that want to build sustainable businesses, and we do our part to ensure the sustainability of the business. For all of our products, we provide complete dossiers of legal and import documentation needed by retailers along with fully compliant Chinese language over-labeling.

Please see our brands for more information. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS.