Starcon seeks to help our international partners integrate China into their global strategies by achieving market entry and local brand awareness and also by helping to realize benefits from China¡¯s impressive manufacturing capabilities.

Market Entry

While the long term outlook of such a rapidly growing market with a consumer base that is receptive to international brands is positive, China is a challenging market with intense competition, significant regional cultural and regulatory differences and a still developing retail environment. Success in China for international companies is anything but guaranteed, and many international companies are still searching for the right formula to reach Chinese consumers.

Starcon has many years of experience of navigating China¡¯s challenges. From market research and planning to legal compliance and logistics, we help companies set up the proper local foundation for a successful business. Starcon has a network of regional distributors that provide coverage into key markets throughout Hong Kong and Mainland China in different retail channels. By consistently offering a full selection of leading international brands, we maintain strong relationships throughout the sales channels, enabling us to effectively and efficiently support our partners¡¯ brands and products within the marketplace.

IP Protection
Legal compliance
Market data
Business planning
Logistics coordination
Adapt/develop marketing tools
Regional distribution
Market feedback
For Starcon, offering proper representation extends beyond building sales. We also ensure regular access to sales channel and market data, consumer and legal regulatory information, and strategic insights so that our partners can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


Starcon¡¯s China based sourcing service provides our customers a direct link to China¡¯s manufacturing resources and its cost advantages while maintaining quality control and IP protection. We specialize in sourcing high-quality, essential marketing and packaging tools. We have helped our customers expand their marketing effectiveness and reach by accessing better products at lower prices enabling them to market their goods more aggressively without increasing their total expenditures.

Starcon¡¯s presence in China enables direct access to manufacturers, multi-lingual support and low overhead costs. Our concurrent China sales channel development service gives us a more thorough understanding of our customers¡¯ marketing needs, allowing us to provide valuable input in the sourcing process.


Supplier qualification
On site assessment

Quality control
Factory audits
Third-party testing of inputs and finished products

Logistical support
Document management
Customs clearance
Shipping coordination